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Real estate valuation

Expertise re carries out real estate valuations for mortgage credit management companies, NPL services, Reoco, insurance companies and banks, investors and individuals.

We produce appraisals, both full (with inspection) and drive or desktop, for each type of property:

  • Directional;
  • Receptive;
  • Industrial;
  • Commercial;
  • Residential;
  • Building and agricultural land;
  • “Atipical” property

We have gained significant experience evaluating numerous real estate assets, including unconventional ones.

Metodology used:

  • Analysis of the intrinsic and extrinsic characteristics of each property;
  • Analysis of its urban - cadastral situation;
  • Analysis of the micro-area within which the property is inserted;
  • Analysis of the social and demographic context;
  • Application of the most suitable valuation method for the real estate typology in question;
  • Identification of the critical issues and potential of the property;
  • Study of improvement solutions, such as changes of use or divisions, which can have a positive impact on the value of the property;
  • Calculation of the most probable market value and absorption times.

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