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Auction consultancy

We are partners of leading credit and NPL service companies.

We offer consultancy services for the purchase of properties at auction, first of all to provide a clear picture of the urbanistic-cadastral regularity of the property, to assign a correct market value and finally to define the appropriate strategies to maximize the possibility of being awarded.

Who turns to us:

  • Who wants to buy a property at auction for investment/income;
  • Direct user of the property
  • Real estate trader

Our services:

  • Search for the most suitable property for the highlighted needs;
  • Evaluation of profits and possible risks;
  • Studio della perizia e della documentazione;
  • Study of the expertise and documentation;
  • Inspection of the property;
  • Preparation of the application for participation;
  • Assistance during the auction;
  • Assistance during the fulfillment of all bureaucratic obligations;

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