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Who we are

We are a real estate operator focused on brokerage for the sale and rental, we offer assistance for participation in real estate auctions. We specialize in advising institutional and private investors, companies, property owners, developers, individual savers and buyers.

Our intermediary assistance has led to the conclusion of significantly important sales and leases, with various complexities deriving from the properties or from the needs of the buyer/tenant. The track record of successful transactions is our best calling card.

Collaboration with international real estate and financial companies has allowed us to develop and apply an innovative and versatile sales model. We have helped important brands in the search for properties, in our area of expertise, and thanks to our widespread network of collaborators, in many other areas.

Over the years we have selected real estate agents with values such as competence, reliability, transparency and fairness; all to create a quality sales network and to have a high-profile presence in the area that allows us to constantly monitor local dynamics and quickly provide our customers with the most correct solutions.

We treat the needs of our customers as their partner, we have the skills and abilities to identify the most suitable strategies to achieve their goals.

We believe privacy is the basis of the relationship with the customer and its protection. When we receive an assignment, we do so responsibly.

Our Vision and our Mission
Our Vision and our Mission

The Vision of Expertise Re

Values, honesty, correctness, professionalism, competence are the fundamental pillars on which to found a future company. These are the fundamental points with which we want to be a point of reference for all those who need assets to support their business or for those who need to invest in income-producing properties or for those who want to dispose of their real estate assets

We want real estate filled with healthy movement.

The Mission of Expertise Re

Make commitment and competence available to our partners on a daily basis: focus on their needs by tackling the challenges they pose to us with seriousness and a constructive spirit; diligently communicate the information necessary to achieve their objectives; work in a healthy environment where respect for each other improves communication between people and facilitates understanding of customer needs; have maximum consideration and respect for time, both ours and the customer's, time must be used and not wasted.

We address to
We address to:

Investors with the aim of guaranteeing and remunerating their capital with a certain return from income-producing properties, leased to primary tenants;

Companies and Brands operating in the commercial, industrial and tertiary sectors; in line with the repositioning or development objectives, we are looking for properties and areas to be used as management and operational headquarters, industrial plants, shops, logistics depots, offices;

Property ownersscattered throughout the country: we provide asset-by-asset consultancy and solutions, to streamline the owner's activities and rationalize his assets ;

Banks and NPL Service: specialized consultancy in real estate executions and bankruptcy proceedings, bov, disposal of properties repossessed by leasing companies and by Reoco, liveliness of auctions.

Individuals and companies intending to buy properties at auction: we provide assistance for the purchase of properties subject to executive and bankruptcy procedures, promoted by our agency on behalf of leading credit companies..

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