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Intermediation and consultancy

For investors:

We select the best investment opportunities in income real estate and real estate development operations.

Our services

  • Study of needs and identification of objectives;
  • Selection of the best investment opportunities, highlighting opportunities and critical issues;
  • Preparation of the action plan.
  • Personalized advice on tax, financial, technical, legal and commercial aspects for the optimal finalization of the investment

We are convinced that the most suitable investment solutions can only be identified starting from specific needs.

For owners:

We are partners of Asset Management Companies, Real Estate Investment Funds, Banks, Insurance Companies, NPL Service, Reoco, Real Estate Companies, Developers, Investors and Private Owners.

Our services

  • Valuation of individual properties and asset-by-asset real estate portfolios.
  • Definition of specific and customized marketing and sales strategies.
  • Analysis aimed at marketing the property.
  • Assistance in signing and renegotiating lease agreements.
  • Preparation and periodic transmission of reports.
  • Supervision of all activities up to the completion of the sale or lease.
  • Search for potential buyers, including foreign ones.

For users:

Companies and brands looking for a commercial, managerial, industrial or tertiary property.

Our services

  • Identification of the most suitable type of structure. Functional and urban planning analysis of the space;
  • Negotiation of the lease contractual conditions and assistance for any renegotiation of the existing contract.
  • Assistance in intervention plans for redevelopment, aimed at adapting properties according to specific needs.
  • Repositioning consultancy.

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